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Reference - samples projects and solutions for various areas

Contingency departmental cliquishness and maximal confidentiality is guaranteed

For reasons acting out means assuring cliquishness and confidentiality client as well as for natures and logic matters is not possible hand or advertize any concrete once of general information, reason it is here alone caped access of some adequate solution.


Interactive television for all age category (2006)

Project "Interactive television for all age category" is project applicable to earth strap, earthbound, satellite beaming also internet broadening. It is built on principle interworking coupling and cooperation two also any more adjoining of national also border micro-regions as base birth cell grid in terms of region continental. Including assuring cyclic drum switch structures and authentic ideas framework fabrication content fillings application. This solution is author of protected.




Security printing paper and material for fabrication coins with disinfection effect (2012)

Solution matters hygiene by contact and handling with circular medium and stationery postal. Betterment hereof status by using material with disinfection effect of, and this already by theirs production. Engineering solution have to do with paper for fabrication stationery postal, (especially banknote, of shares, documentary proof, air ticket, letter indication, etiquette and alike) and light hand also material for fabrication coins and by other article in use in payment contact. This engineering solution is partly protected Office industrial ownership under document number uv023408 .




Material with disinfection effect (2012)

Solution matters hygiene day to day contact the whole nine yards community with different subjects circadian exigencies and subjects, which us circumfuse about and where with frequently touches big of persons with, including children. Betterment hereof status can be acquire by using material with disinfection effect of already by theirs production or bringing up to date, eventually theirs additional above ground level adaptation of such article in terms of commonplace bringing up to date. This engineering solution is protected Office industrial ownership under document number uv023408 .




Faster and smoother sticks (2012)

Solution have to do with constructional alignment warheads shaver machine tool. Shaver warheads has on some shaver desktop incision cutting edge directed alone drug onwards, accordingly theirs active incision effect is only as in one destination exercise shaver warheads to have one grasp shaver machine tool, during which time demonstrate deteriorating reversible exercise shaver warheads shaver machine tool upon this one grasp stays used not. This engineering solution is protected Office industrial ownership under document number uv023600 .




Apparatus to monitoring, detection and diagnostics rail vehicle and their components on the run (2012)

Engineering solution have to do with monitoring, flaw detection and diagnostics rail vehicle earthbound, subterranean also aboveground ails and their components on the run, especially rail vehicle railway, tram and vehicle metro stations, hanging, funicular and highland traction lines, hoisting mechanisms, tracked crane, cabana and cages abridgement, working pits and mining apparatus. This engineering solution is protected Office industrial ownership under document number uv023860 .




Protection of area affected by frequent floods or drought (2013)

The original solutions to reduce and control the level of water flow in the section affected by floods and flood using a device that accelerates the flow of the watercourse protected areas and causes rapid dissipation of the flow of protected areas that would otherwise freely flow through the channel. Equipment lowering in flood the water flow in a given section of a partial separate rapid discharge of water. Author of project and solution.




Therapy dependencies by dint of subthreshold communication (2014)

Therapy is assigned for in part community endangered all sorts of abient addiction and addiction, as for example pathologic dependencies into play by all sorts of acting, on enjoyment of alcohol, drug, psychotropic substances, smoking, and by other abient pathologic displays behaviour and acts. Basis of treatment is founded on issue of bill medicated of persons with functioning subthreshold busy flash signal. Author of project and solution.




Complex system solution protective commination in area critical infrastructure (2015)

Scanning, collection, retention of and plotting desirable and beneficial information oriented to prevention, prevention and solution actual, future and abruptly arisen critical situations. Area solution have to do with protective gear critical infrastructure, especially by dint of personal communicator and mobile apparatus by way of independant technology complexly and allower. Author of design and solution.




Esotericism - parapsychology, astrology, medicine man, energy (continuously)

Sensibility, skills, findings examination, practice and experience in various areas of esoteric help to by questing and finding connections and also in solving various problems, needs, wishes, mysteries and questions. Decides not at the same time, whether is a persons, all sorts of subjects or perhaps as for example also firms, where's contingency harnessing of these finding especially for an increase in theirs competitiveness, prosperity and profit. Author of and implementer businesslike solution.



This bidding is advantageous especially to those, who need quick amp up its efficiency, competitiveness, prosperity and profit and be without for it desirable time, capacity, creativity, know-how and information.

Advantage those offers is contingency combinations and synergy any more each other coherent acitivities and their contemporaneous implementation at a blow, guaranteed it is i exclusiveness and confidentiality. All these activities can be realized in relatively short time according theirs costingness. The decision is purely for you. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.


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uv023408 - Materials with desinfection effects
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