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Solution for your greater success
and quick increase efficiency, competitiveness, flush times and profit

Author activity

Innovator activity

Esoteric activity


Aid quick amp up efficiency, competitiveness, flush times and profit,

because all’s can be come it strong better off, cheaply, more plainly, faster and effectively

Here is an opportunity and a unique opportunity to get new and original solutions relatively quickly

New works, problem solving suggestions and their implementation can be tailored to specific requirements or as needed to address the current situation and condition and can be advantageous especially where there is an acute need to quickly increase efficiency, competitiveness, prosperity and profit and where they do not need it time, capacity, creativity, vision, know-how, information, or other reasons. It is proven that nothing is perfect and even the current solution or novelty on the market is already obsolete and can be improved at any time to gain the more significant advantage, bigger lead and higher profit.

Advantage and advantage here is the possibility of mutual combination and synergy of several related activities from multiple fields and disciplines as needed and long-term practice. Concurrent direct realization by a single subject guarantees the speed, originality and exclusivity of the solution, direct communication and maximum discretion. All activities and solutions can be realized in a relatively short time depending on their complexity. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation or supervision. Priority has urgent cases and situations where some losses are already taking place or where these risks are at risk.




Author activity - Writing any texts,

creative production and solution for all subjects, companies, firms, and media

Evolution and realization creations any caliber, genre or range in textual form:


author texts / creative creation and creations, topics, stories, scenarios, cine scenarios, fresh formats, musical texts,

technical texts / projects, patents, utility designs, opponency, manuals, copywriting, creation different content and range,

publicity, advertising / articles, expert articlesbook review, projects, media presentation, ad, slogans, public relations,

coherent practice / music, photos, blue film, camera, dramaturgy, production, audiovisual and multimedia projects.




Innovative activity - Quick solution innovating,

innovations, know-how, economy, quick solution and practical realization

Quick and effective solution for elevated competitiveness, prosperity and profit:


elevated prosperity and profit companies / search secred possibilities and reserve, elevated use values and parameter,

practical implementation / ameliorative designs, patents, technical betterment, innovations, know-how, economy etc,

specific solution / according actual circumstance, conditions, status, exigencies or demand, executions designed solution,

related activities / elimination competition from market by better ones solution, opponency, counselling, consultations.




Esoteric activity - Practice in esotericism,

parapsychology, ESP, astrology, healing and therapies, occultism and magic

Longtime active examination and actual practice especially in of these area esotericism:


parapsychology / ESP - extra-sensory perception, information transfer, manipulation with substance, migration spirit,

clairvoyant and divination / astro-psychology, numerology, interpretation cards - Tarot, crystal ball, sideric pendulum,

healing and therapies / bioenergetics action at distance, deblocking, revitalization, regeneration, bonyness, rejuvenation,

occultism / spiritualism, white and black magic, rites, rituals, paranormal effect and activity, mystery, mysteries, solution.




Web site map for quick and effective resolution gain enhancement

Author activity

Innovator activity

Esoteric activity

Related activities

Writing any texts, author of text

Innovations, solution, executions

Esotericism - astrology - healing

Increase in competitivity and profit

Author and creative writing, art

Innovation - innovating - means

ESP - parapsychology - telepathy

Elimination competition of market

Texts expert - technical - other

Know-how - solution - executions

Astrology, clairvoyance, divination

Saving of costs - solution - sources

Opposition - opposed - driving

Improvement proposal - solution

Healing - therapies - cure energy

Investing - sponsorship - demand

Creative business and projects

Patents - utility designs - protect

Occultism - spiritism - magic - ban

Consulting - expert aid - solutions

Gain enhancement - crossroad

Services - repairing - adaptation

Cosmic energy - healing, therapy

Enforcing debtor's statement off


Articles and links


Author activity


Articles and texts

Where are you coming contemporary society
Beauty or what is beautiful and what is beautiful
Prices paintings and by other creative creations and their evaluation
Process apprehension, functioning and effects of creative creations on beholder

Scenarios - texts - creations - creative writing for all subjects and media
Texts - expert texts - technical texts - advertising texts - publishing
Opposition - opposition procedure - opponent
Author projects - creative ideas - designs - solution - executions
Offer special services for elevated competitivity, welfare and profit


Samples creative activities

Scenarios - programmes, cine and other scenarios
Texts - music texts and texts songs
Poetry - formal minimalism
Slogans - advertising and promotional mottoes
Articles - expert articles and other texts
Projects - samples solution various problems


Innovator activity


Articles and links

What is important about innovating, innovations and the implementation innovations previse
Problem solving communities, companies and firms in the area innovation and innovating
Know-how and its solution
Improvement proposal - new ideas other improvement executions
Service - installations - assembly - operations - adaptation - repairs


Projects and solution

Flood protection
Samples different project and solution


Patents and Utility designs

uv023408 - Materials with desinfection effects
uv023600 - Warheads shaver for sticks more direction
uv023860 - Equipments to monitoring, detection and diagnostics rails vehicles and their component during journey


Esoteric activity


Examination and practice

Why official science provisionally recognize esoterics
Esotericism - parapsychology - astrology - energies - healing - occultism - magic
Parapsychology - ESP - extra sensory perception - transcendention
Clairvoyance - divination - precognition - astrology - numerology - Tarot card
Healing - working with energies - bioenergetics - bioenergy action at instance
Occultism - spiritualism - white magic - black magic - shamanism - woo-doo
Cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life - healing and therapy
Warning about potential risks and problems with energy and similar activities


Related activities


Problem solving

Insight from outside is how problem solving communities, companies and firms
Consultant - consultations and consulting - quick resolution - expert aid
Elimination competition from market and fruit dominating position from market
Extrajudicial enforcing debtor's statement for all creditor


Author activity

Innovator activity

Esoteric activity






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