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Cure energy



Esotericism - cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life

Cosmic energy is endless beef, that powered by all over outer space

Customer is by it, what live through and spiritually, are accordingly appearance with physical body

Cosmic energy do not only initiates birth fresh galaxy and persuades planets and greats on their rails, but governed by also also billions sentinel node in our bodies. This body to be composed for large quantity, blood, scrag and by other authorities to, which see, and as to can be functional as one complex and it was bouncy, is his basis appearance, which all governed by.

Customer is by it, what experience spiritually, are accordingly appearance with physical body. Architect outer space and created page are one complex, as comprehensive form of cosmic energy. Scientifically is disproving, as though energy and clay are each other alienable and commutable.

Cosmic energy is ours transfinite mine of and endless furniture animality, inspiration, creative brainchild and fortune, that leads to filled and fortunate life. Cosmic energy never are not causation diseases, absence or by other building restriction. All difficulties are caused ignorance, defective verdict thinking, impassivity or bad election.


cosmic energy, pentagram, esotericism, psychotronic, astrology, biotronic, healing, energy


Cosmic energy is mine of your haleness and accomplishment

Outside world also our internal enjoyment are projections our internal intellectual visions

Anything yourself imagine and heartfeld as authenticity, it is actually step foot matter. Everyone is entitled have all, what it needs for fortunate and filled bare life. All it is dependent on intensity fantasia and on the beef imaginations, no on environmental decontamination factor.

In each customer is at cover indefatigable mine of transfinite possibilities. Who is well science those driving creative forces and their may fashion outside world, may begin their aches accomplish, as far will fruitfully be exploiting imagination. If they do put in tune on cycles per minute endless life, loves and philosophy, his exigencies and ambition he accomplish.

Beef cosmic energy militates miracles. Ideas shall they creative beef, thus it, what do you think about himself also about by other, so can it produces in his ain life. Internal language has to be always according to of your environment objective of or wish. Afterward with of yours internal language zeigen on the outside and of yours ambition accomplish.




Cosmic energy is fresh driving mine of of your creation

When will be after any creative idea, of yours inner space always react against

Have fantasia entails be able constitute in one's mind's eye images or fantasies something fresh, what her for of yours effect anymore does not exist. Theirs ready fashion, end point, complete design it or in spirit soft experience films bag and baggage, complete page.

After this manner formed inner space can be off hulking flush cosmic beef and desirable beef to implementation his blueprint. Can be accorded perhaps expert brainchild under meg.

Mine of cosmic forces opens any time this, who being on the him address oneself. Giver cosmic beef chores for you and all the your pleasure shall be made according his driving. All purpose clergy and intellectual laws never no fail.


cosmic energy, esotericism, bioenergy, astroenergy, healing, energy


For all good also malignant can be bound of yours inner space

Of yours inner space governed by yours accomplishment or abortion

It, what decides how about creates next coherent ideas how about militates practicals alternations is inner space, far from it logical awareness. Should therefore be reprogram of yours thinking on above standard fortune or on the anything other, what do you wish. Only heavy thinking can achieve fortune.

Beyond the pale ideas transmitted for parents, akin, guru, media and the like. On their afterward directive as well, as though theirs brains contain beyond the pale information, which is reduces or even also jam in theirs achievement development. Amount and quality of your accomplishment is influenced by amount and quality application in of yours inner space.


Inner space has creative ability to and reveal it, what him awareness burn

Internal conversation, intellectual images and imagination come into the limelight anyone your pleasure. Beliefs about accomplishment step foot matter, any more than anyone ambition, which be taking such, as if already was met. Anyone ambition, which be taking such, as if already was met, to have so step foot matter.

Beans brass, accomplishment, health and anything are intellectual fantasies and of yours internal language is realize. Ceaseless repetition definition desired status with these burn in for inner space and consequently with also as good as realize. Herewith principle and autosuggestion arise also diseases and healing.

Inner space accepts for conflicting ideas always only this for intellectual company image, that's preponderating. As far is midst ambition and ideation interworking conflict, always be victorious ideation. Accordingly has to be thinking and sentiment dominant, accord in and be of no antilogy.


Best forms inner space before bed and just after awakening

All that time is inner space in a state of drowsiness and is the capable of accept fancied images, at the same time abient ideas of your critical awareness are pocket on minimum. In this status believe, speak and act such, as if you it, what i wished, already had and realistically it live through, rub one's hand.

Advancement begins by you full of. Are by it, what after most of the day do you mean. Customer must all’s it, that would want have, be in possession of at first in one's mind's eye, because there be enacted all bargain. Anyone of yours idea of directed to action and the expression. All, what sort out, is to you given and will it have.




Deadlock and blogs fount cosmic energy

Abient, insalubrious and depressive ideas eliminate cosmic energy away

When do you mean negatively, flush cosmic energy in of yours inner space block in, begins discover her absence and occur difficulties all sorts of build.

Inner space promptly reacts on of yours ideas and fantasies accompanied abient heart. Is it a intellectual drug, which past ground feed of yours animality, mettle, elan and beef and reduces all over yours organism. Believe positively and yours organism will thrive.

Fortune and bounteousness is ideas of your spirit, is it a clergy attitude, attitude of mind, intellectual company image and imagination in of yours spirit. Fortune and bounteousness entails have all along fresh flood tide beef, accomplishment, haleness, cess, joys, peace and of all good and comfortable in life.


Removal apartment building for fount cosmic energy

How customer thinks, such is

Many by people with go badly accordingly, as though to free motion former adventure and experiences shall they guilt, sufferers selfcritisism, selfcondemn and unaware by it ourself herself correct. Selfwithdrawal them will cess, peace and bare life brimful of inroads. Forgive entails carry off clergy concert and peace of mind. Forgive ourself himself under abient ideas and of yours foretime will be forgotten.

You no criticize and no deprecate second childhood. Criticism is censoriuos second by people and relates self critisism. Contemptuousness second is actually self contemptuousness. Others in the neighbourhood subconsciously these of yours poses capture. You no condemn, because with ourself tent by it, what your condemn. Stop it on second carp and wish them concert and peace.

You deprive with detestation and irish, place its amigo no freedom. From let go entails dispense to by people cupboard love, act of kidness and peace and be desirous them in life the top banana, You emmiting pertaining to them ceaseless flush loves and carry off by it intellectual, clergy and physical coziness for himself.

Begrudge second entails deny to himself full of good and become poor. Begrudge entails be wasting its by and by and be responsible for damagingly on its ain flush times. Envy past fly up second childhood and herself by it damaging to. Envy under ligament yours endless flush good. Endless mine of fortune can to satisfy needs all.

Live not in lies and deprive with abient applied load, which at you militates destructively. You no put above barriers to for roads another by people. Stop it sin. Opens its air hose valve and their hearts flood tide cosmic beef and loves, that clear away all, what her resembles not.

You no contest a self statement their affirmation, because full word "can he not" causes apartment building desirable flush. You join on being on the mine of cosmic energy and engrave his or alien inner space concept haleness, fortune, cess, accomplishment, flush times and the like. Common experience imagination in one's mind's eye with these of yours fantasies consequently realize.


cosmic energy, healing, occultism, astrology, esoteric matters


Work with cosmic energy is homely and are not in terms of time ambitious

Your pleasure has to be concrete and accurately accordingly, what want acquire

Of yours internal beliefs and fantasies air hose valve, that he you have it, what do you wish, repeat 5 min morning and ago sleep, abreast with about it you no doubt and idea burn in for inner space. Important is it a, what dominate in of your keep thinking - kindness, cupboard love, accomplishment, bounteousness, miracles, animality, the pink of health. It, in what do you believe in his very heart of deepest, it is zeigen also in of yours life as.

In of yours life as should dominate appearance ceaseless withdrawal, and accordingly giving. Abient ideas acting affirmative, concordant. What do you think about second how about do you want second, it creates in his ain bodies, in his status, in his being and in the their enjoyment.

You adjust yourself their aims, had is in view and you work on their achieving. Blindingly you defines aims and clearly be upgrading images blindingly constituted in air hose valve. You concentrate at them its attentiveness, epitomize fill them, see by aims and rub one's hand.


Examples of your ambition be repeated 5 min morning and ago sleep:

Has hinterland according to their imagine and needs as, full freedom and freedom. has all’s, what be in need of to brimful of life - mine of fruit, absolute haleness, beef, good luck, accomplishment, custom etc.

Day to day with my deals ameliorate. day to day make money more beans brass. Advance all along above. Day to day is coming more contented and fortunate client, who me like to and lief pays. My gains with all the time be mounting and be able to also dispense to on charity.

In my life at ease be streaming beans brass, is them bounteousness and bringing in enjoyment. Economically also otherwise i this well. Are moneyed, become stronger, has accomplishment, beans brass to me at ease gas. Beans brass be using sagely, all his marbles and advantageously.

Be streaming by me cosmic energy and are brimful of peace, concert, forces and animality, are all ends up hale, entire and consummate. Has custom and relations with by people coextensive mentality also acts, has ideal easy rider etc.

Since this instant for candid hearts: dispense to, wish, has all, live completely, knows, be batty over, thankee under ... – you here yourself appoint it, what ourself want how about most you need to.

And never do not forget express one's thanks.


Path to of your entirety and excellency:

From return with as from graceless environmental company image their trouble or symptoms diseases.

You think about god for highest point of view and divine cupboard love and concert let through a of your beings.

You experience, how endless beef cosmic beef inform by every atom of your beings and about and about renews entirety, beauty and excellency.


Make a practice hereof arithmetic process will be streaming cosmic beef and subconsciously will attend to consummate answer. Exert effort acquire complex emancipation thanksgiving in for its backwash.




Healing and therapies by dint of cosmic energy

Cosmic energy has leaning and abilities attend and convalesce

Diseases are act abient clergy attitudes and functioning abient beef. Affirmative and concordant ideas peace and loves again windlass haleness. Is scientifically disproving, as though clergy, intellectual and emotional conflicts are close to the vest causes all sorts of status and baneful disease.

Principle cosmic energy is leaning convalesce, be recovering, safeguard, carry on by health and hold open good for health. Intellectual company image aims as imagination and deep heart contributed for ambition mobilize in inpatient drugs beef. Believe, accept it and you realize yourself, that you are completely consummate haleness, beef and forces. this demand step foot custom and complete.


Cosmic energy is endless healing beef, of which is omnipotent

Everybody is ability to learn how to mobilize her medical laws. Must infiltration this believe. Anyone can contact with source endless cosmic energy and thus also attend diseases or solve all sorts of difficulties. Anyone can experience miracles assertion healing possibility cosmic beef alone wearing to second, even remotely.

Course everybody's healing be in progress according to the trust patient or that, who him attend and on the his concept animality and consummate haleness. Inner space is creative ability to in each and set effect only it, what him awareness pressed. after this manner arise acute disease also marvelous healing.


Inner space introduces creative medium and curer bodies

It, what awareness burn in for inner space, it inner space faithfully and for a certainty take place in life as according to the this, what is our trust.

Each authority is bodies is god created idea of, in its basis is clergy substance, although it is concrete. Clay is formed appearance, which this clay dominates and bring back to life.

Basis of treatment cosmic energy it is often be repeated and believe, as though diseased agency is intellectual concept and impeccably behaves.




Healing herself by dint of cosmic energy

Procedure at clergy and intellectual healing herself

Being regularly, systematically and consciously be repeated 5 min morning and ago sleep as though by you be streaming cosmic beef for fount endless healing forces in form concert, animality and entirety and with recovers and at haleness. Place this deep emotional enjoyment.

You laudation drugs beef and flush cosmic energy, herewith avast breeding all toxins and will support healing law suit.

Epitomize, how goes and did all things such, as if you already was haleness. Flush haleness permeate a of your beings, bring back to life, cures and harmonize.


Healing other peoples by dint of cosmic energy

Procedure at clergy and intellectual healing second

Ignore symptoms diseases and of all physical and not had of them anxiety.

You know, as though status diseased is aftereffect his abient thinking and believe, that it will in early time diseases disenfranchised. Had bright weather visions his brimful of health and place this deep emotional enjoyment.

You laudable drugs beef and flush cosmic energy in diseased, herewith avast breeding all toxins in his bodies and will support and speed up medical law suit.


Healing by dint of cosmic energy remotely

In one's mind's eye does not exist time and space, cosmic energies is omnipresent

Midst personalities in does not exist any solid separating ambit, because subjectively are all drug and inner space does not know time once space, accordingly anyone can capture of yours ideas. By healing remotely it can be have office hours inner space diseased such, as if was of yours ain.

By it, as though do you mean on someone second, exits effect of for of your awareness and relays over inner space admitting diseased, which can prescribe, as if was of yours ain and findings with enter an appearance according of your eddies and of your beliefs.


Procedure at clergy and intellectual healing remotely

Want-if aid the latter, plunge into herself, apperceive entirety, beauty, animality, brainpower and much divine and be saying, as though all’s, what conforms god, conforms also him and he behind live implementation that, what feels and what do you believe.

Ironic on physical symptoms diseased, but on his clergy being and on the now god and healing energy in his core.

Want in deep beliefs, as to body loves, concert, entirety and animality for fount cosmic energy reanimated, has strengthened, cured and again on legs built treated person for which does prayer. Into place this deep emotional enjoyment.

Epitomize this person of such, what should be - fortunate, entire, full of life and absolutely hale and rub one's hand from that. Yours intellectual company image has to be always according to of your orison and findings with enter an appearance according forces of your eddies.


cosmic energy, esotericism, astrology, healing,


Objective of examination and practice in the area esotericism is working with energies, mass and bouncy organisms

Working with energies:


acquiring information for different times and places / exercise in time and an area of - depth in norwegian, harnessing alien eyes, substitute, otherwise,

telepatically transfer idea of and communication / abstractedly from time and distances - sugestion, hypnosis, handling, information,

transfer energies abstractedly from time and distances / ain or alien energies, astroenergies, geoenergies, transformation,

realisation of ideas / implementation, affection and handling of the process or happening at will and fantasies in keep thinking,

materialization / reification ideas, visualisation concrete fantasies article or beings, geniture for energies.


Working with mass:

holdining of a mass on bodies - bodily magnetism / all sorts of subjects - exploration theirs subst, connexion, identify, associate,

movement of mass - telekinesis / even surface, hanging position - miscellaneous subjects miscellaneous weights and conformation - advance moving, sideslip, circumvolution, hunting,

movement of mass abstractedly from gravity - levitation / raised, hovering, hanging position, alternations location, confirmed exercise, circumvolution and the like,

mass transfer - teleport / flitting article, animals or persons from acquaintance also strange places wherever,


intrusion inwards mass / exercise inside and orientations apprehension - different state of matter, consistency, architecture, temperature, status,

interpenetration through stratum mass / orientations and have gain information extrasensory apprehension, internal see,

mass change / quantitative and qualitative change material or organism - physical features, conformation, status, functions,

dematerialize / visual death material, article or organism his change over on energies and as you were, any place.


Working with bouncy organisms:

working with people, animals and plant / communication, influence, handling, healing, therapies, revitalization, reprocessing,

localization / of persons with, animals, by other energy active entity, any place, for alliance adequate substitute or another connexion,

working with energies / affirmative energies, elbowing disease, abient and damaging energies, geopathic zones,


bring back to life / start environment processes of few active organism - energize, instauration functions for, pegging,

healing and therapies / working with full of life and healing energies, cure energy, bioenergetics action at distance, harmonisation,


revitalization organisms and their parts / resurgent, empowerment, full functions and achievement abstractedly from age and status, liven,

regeneration / introducing for historic status, instauration, reproduction, board's blemished parts organism fresh,

rejuvenation / slowing down of the process ageing - abortion - eversion of the process - revitalization, reprocessing.


Working with human spirit:

temporary visit / migration to east constituents ain availability - for unphysical, astral flats availability and as you were,

temporary reincarnation human spirit / access for bodies other customer or another bouncy organism or article,

temporary incarnation into inanimate artifact or subst / on any period, any place, anytime and as you were.



All findings of many year's standing studios, examination, examination, examination, businesslike attempt to, of procedures and processes of in the area esotericism are intellectual ownership - know-how and these acquired finding, information and skills be possible for commercially be exploiting.

Findings examination, goings and processes do not publish because of their likely abuse and have also because of the danger birth likely damage resulting incompetent handling unqualified and uninitiated persons.


Fresh finding for research of such areas esotericism can employ in practice it all and now,

because at all decides not, whether is a persons, miscellaneous subjects or firms

Some areas and park esotericism (especially in conjunction with acquaintance ability to and with creative activity or else also taking advantage attainment analyses and by other information) be possible for in practice very well commercially advantage to take. Contingency fast problem solving is effective and bold aid especially for subjects highly motivated and desirable, located with under big inflation pressure, in distress it or in other disadvantageous circumstance.

This aid has all sorts of forms as from data acquisition, divination, questing, admeasurement, reviews, examining and emendation to miscellaneous flexible budget forms aid, as as for example work with beef, bioenergy action at distance, therapies and the like. Advantage is here complexity - contingency combinations and synergy any more each other coherent acitivities and their actual executions at a blow.

All these activities can be mented in relatively short time (according theirs costingness and exigencies repetition), during which time cargoes are only broken number values, which can be by this one acitivities carry off. In terms of possibilities is guaranteed maximum anonymity, confidentiality and ethic. The decision is purely for you. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.

Priority shall they important and urgent cases, where threatens or where already be in progress a call blocking. Consultation, consulting or solving any telephone and Internet problems can not be provided for time, convenience, or other reasons, so unfortunately I can not respond to phone calls, SMS and emails with such requests.



For current science can not exist what she does not have to ...

Science has already shown that time is plastic, the space is curved, and the spirit of its own energy, but the main problem of why science does not recognize esotericism and especially parapsychology (for example, various real and inexplicable mysterious abilities, phenomena and phenomena) is the impossibility of repeating something at any time in the laboratory with 100% reliability and also that it can not be measured (it does not yet know).


The distinction between the past, the present and the future must be understood as an illusion (Albert Einstein)

The universe is not space and time bounded. The future somehow exists already and can cast its shadow into the past. People, things, and events leave their traces of time and space.

Man has undoubtedly the power to control time and space, or to use them. People are able to receive news from tomorrow, or they can focus their views on the future or the past. It is possible by simple exercises to mobilize the superhuman forces.




Warning about potential risks and problems with energy and similar activities

Every normal person (or animal or plant) has given a certain amount of energy throughout his life just for his existence, and if he manages to distribute it to others, he must logically expect to sooner or later get into the situation, when this energy is not enough for his own needs and problems arise. You may initially have the same effect by having nothing to give away and stagnating. If he does not realize the danger that can arise in time due to the high fatigue, the loss of all the forces and the manifestations of various diseases, he can finally reach the point where he will no longer be able to supplement this energy - recharge, he will not have enough strength to rescue himself, and can not do without any help. This situation can occur if the energy is mistaken.

If you use and distribute your energy, you will logically miss it if you do not replenish it adequately, so recharge it. It is like money, which is also a form of energy, because it is also necessary to spend more or less of energy on it by repeating it, for example, by hard manual or mental work. No bank or banker is using to invest their personal money, but the money of the clients who entrusted them and who are left to them. Therefore, you, if possible, do not use your most valuable personal - vital energy for your business. But the quantity and quality of your personal - vital energy can be supplemented by other sources (nature - plants, trees, animals, other people, reconnection, movement, pharmacies, etc.).

There are more ways to work with energies, which in practice are most often used in two ways - namely, working with own energy and working with foreign sources of energy. Your personal energy is your own - vital energy (resulting from transformation from food, water, air and light), and alien sources can be, in particular, cosmic - cosmic energy (cosmic cosmos), astral energy (cosmic body energy (such as Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) and, last but not least, Earth energy (so-called geoenergy). These energy sources can passively contain their specific energy, actively radiate, or both. However, work with alien energy is demanding and so exhausts our own energy as well.

With different energies, they can work differently and purposefully and use them for different purposes (to heal, to displace negative energy, to charge and recharge, to telepathy, to various kinetic manifestations, or otherwise). These different forms of energy have different quality, quantity and content, and can be aggregated or densified, transformed, modulated and transported, and even with some energies, under certain conditions, they can be manipulated independently of space and time. There is nothing new because the Energy Conservation Act is one of the basic and most commonly used physical laws. This law (in simple terms) states that energy can not be produced or destroyed, but only transformed into another kind of energy.

It is therefore necessary to seriously reflect on what energy, why and how we work and whether we do not use a disproportionate amount of our personal energy to our activities, which may be the cause of our exhaustion. This is a great deal to be wary of, because too much exhaustion of your personal - vital energy can lead to the extinction of our vitality and, in the extreme, our life. In this case, it may be appropriate to stop or stop these activities for a while if our condition does not improve and does not return to its original condition. It is worth mentioning whether our well-earned activity also has a certain income for us (a reward - a fee for help and activity) or not - in short, whether this activity is so profitable for us if it is at all worth our exhaustion and our subsequent problems and difficulties.



The author is not responsible for any damages and damages caused by imitation, improper application or improper practice of all activities, and the use of other information presented and described on this site, including all related articles. The information given here is not primarily intended as a guideline due to the site's focus, so it is not divulged into details, including good practices and possible risks, and is therefore merely informative.


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Autor, inovátor, esoterik, autorská, inovátorská a esoterická činnost   Autorské a tvůrčí psaní - scénáře, texty, díla   Texty - odborné, technické, reklamní   Oponentura, oponování, oponent   Jiné autorské a kreativní činnosti   Nabídka činností pro zvýšení prosperity a zisku firem   Autor - psaní jakýchkoliv textů   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Tvorba   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Ukázky   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Kontakt   Author, innovator, esotericism - Creation   Author, innovator, esotericism - Samples   Author, innovator, esotericism - Contact   Inovace, know-how, úspory, řešení, realizace   Inovace a inovování  Know-how, řešení, ochrana   Zlepšovací návrhy a zlepšování   Patenty - užitné vzory - ochrany   Esoterika, biotronika, léčitelství, okultismus, energie   Parapsychologie - ESP - mimosmyslové vnímání   Astrologie, jasnovidectví, věštění, Tarot   Léčitelství, terapie, biotronika, práce s energiemi   Okultismus, spiritismus, bílá a černá magie, záhady   Esoterika, astrologie, léčitelství, energie, kontakt   Esotericism - astrology, healing, energy - contact  Kosmická energie - léčení a terapie   Vyřazení konkurence z trhu a dominantní postavení   Zvýšení prodeje, odbytu, konkurenceschopnosti a zisku   Úspory - úsporné řešení a úsporná opatření  Investice a investování - nabídky a poptávky   Konzultace a konzultování   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Analýza současného stavu   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Realizace návrhů a řešení   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Cena analýzy a realizace   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Reference   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - Kontakt   Author, innovator, esotericism - Analysis of actual status   Author, innovator, esotericism - Realization solutions   Author, innovator, esotericism - Price analysis & realization   Author, innovator, esotericism - Reference   Author, innovator, esotericism - Contact   Otakar Jaluvka sells super car very cheap video clip story  Otakar Jalůvka prodává super auto velmi levně  Mr.Silver - video clip disco music dance   Mr.Silver - video klip disko hudba tanec   Material with desinfection effect   Warheads shaver machine tool for shin any more directions   Apparatus to monitoring, detection and diagnostics rail vehicle and their components on the run   Materiál s desinfekčním účinkem   Hlavice holicího strojku pro holení více směry   Zařízení k monitoringu, detekci a diagnostice drážních vozidel a jejich komponentů za jízdy   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, inovátor a esoterik   Autorská, inovátorská a esoterická činnost   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, inovátor a esoterik   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, inovátor a esoterik   Otakar Jaluvka, autor, inovátor a esoterik  Otakar Jalůvka, autor, inovátor a esoterik   Inovace - Řešení - Realizace   Inovace, know-how, úspory, řešení, realizace   Technologický skaut   Inovace - projekty   Inovace - řešení - realizace   Esoterika, parapsychologie, astrologie, léčitelství, okultismus, magie   Esoterika, věštění, léčitelství, okultismus, magie   Esoterika, parapsychologie, biotronika, léčitelství, okultismus   Esoterika, parapsychologie, astrologie, biotronika, léčitelství, okultismus, magie   Autor, inovátor a esoterik - autorská, inovátorská a esoterická činnost   Inovace a inovování - řešení a praktická realizace inovace   Esoterika, psychotronika, biotronika, léčitelství a energie   Autor a inovátor  Inovace, know-how  Know-how, realizace  Oponentura a oponování  Autorská a inovátorská činnost   Vše pro úspěch a rychlé zvýšení zisku   Autorská, inovátorská a esoterická činnost   Esoterika - parapsychologie, astrologie, léčitelství, okultismus   Google   Seznam