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Occultism - spiritism - white magic - black magic - shamanism

These coherent and specific to areas esotericism can have all sorts of forms also role

For uninitiated shall they rituals and rites extremely freakish as far as obscurenest content

This activity has all sorts of forms as from detection information and communication with other world and air hose valve departed of persons with, communication with subjects in by other dimension on miscellaneous other before verbal levels, removal curses and bane, sorcerous rites and rituals, further set have different appearance, abient beef and by other availability to detection mystery or questing responses and solution.

Acts here above all about miscellaneous flexible budget forms aid or communication in practice akin to mumbo jumbo and ceremonial, giving for uninitiated frequently freakish as far as obscureness content, fashion also filling charge. Theirs as hard as nails abidance and goings are infiltration necessary for accomplishment and effectiveness given activity of. It is concerns also places, time and periods of doing ceremonial or mumbo jumbo or also aid, instruments of, costume and the like.


Special areas esotericism are sorcerous rites and rituals with different saturating and effect

Of these ceremonial with as necessary be concerned in alone occultist or also any more of persons with, them with given bargain concerns. These persons do not have to in some cases be immediately present ceremonial or mumbo jumbo, lasts, when they are represented adequate substitute - subject of representative, to which shall they a close connexion or another arrest. This have to do with also other areas of esotericism, eg. vaticination or of treatment.




Areas interest, examination and actual practice especially in of these area occultism:

Spiritualism, spiritism, sorcerous rites and rituals, subjects in occultism, mystery and other activity, solution


areas occultism / spiritualism, spiritism, magic, white magic, black magic,

rites and rituals / curse, voodooism, conjuration, removal, exorcism, exorcise,

subjects acting in occultism / daemon, doctor, shaman, sensualist, mediator,

other activity / paranormal effect and activity, mystery and mysteries, solution.




Areas in occultism


Spiritism and spiritualism

Spiritism and spiritualism is an area esotericism, which looks spirituality, trust in spirit, air hose valve departed and contingency communication with them, as for example developing appearance, spiritistic sean, tissue and dialogue with departed persons and the like.

With spiritism relates also Psychomantia (otherwise also Psychomantia), which is occult contact midst air hose valve or with spirit. Drug from ways communication with departed is automatic recall letter, when appearance developed persons keep at arm media, which alone held biro on paper.



Magic is ability to magus apperceive astral the world and be entering touch with certain silos and be able is actuate, be influential in or alter. In astral world with be found miscellaneous beef, column, air hose valve, beings and different other forms ethereal availability. Magic is neutral and according fashion its harnessing with after divides on white positive and on the black negative magic.


White magic

White magic is harnessing assorted affirmative good and beneficial energie for the benefit good achievement, as as for example of treatment diseased by people also animals, as from which is requesting defence and custom, by disposal of curses, by expulsions malignant spirits and elimination negative energie, by connection establishment and communication with by other subjects, by parapsychology and telepathy, by divination and the like.


Black magic

Black magic militates negatively, by dint of sorcerous mumbo jumbo as for example harms, endangers or even kills. Arouses malignant forces, which after executing malignant deeds. These abient and malignant beef infiltration militates by return on that, who's arouses, and this least to an equal extent and this with afterward beat back to his person and his health status. For this reason with esoterics behave fundamentally alone ethically.


pentagram, esotericism, occultism, astrology, magic, msgie, energy


Rites and rituals

Curse (bane)

Curse (bane) is designedly decided big emotive ambition aimed at cause bodily harm other person or her somehow otherwise bite into (black magic). Can be curse (bane) anything, perhaps also house, denizen or holder such at home, any kind of article, his holder or bearer such article, though not would about it advance in have knowledge. Curse (bane) can be abolish and person of or anything other bow one in status harmony.



Voodooism is black magic and is the founded on sheer suggestiveness. Shaman (doctor) not had no nonsubjective much, feelings and difficulties causes alone and only trust persons, that it is of charm with. Abient commination stop be responsible for in a trice, ever meet her stop accept, because commination has effect of only through her own ideas, cut and dried suggestiveness on the charm with, anxiety and awfulness, which yourself acc of produces.

Counteractive suggestion, carried affirmative thinking and affirms, as though baleful attraction is annulled, her recovers. Counteraction defence causes from mintage shamanistic suggestions, which with twice by force returns as you were.



Conjuration is sorcerous action, which beacon to by calling, preoccupied and sending of as the case may be also drive away raise (designedly developed) astral beings. In broader meaning of is it a anyone verbal sorcerous formula in use for communication with by those being.



For hung up customer is to be daemon exorcise, which with happening by means of mumbo jumbo called exorcism. Exorcism is exorcize, set have and expulsions daemon for bodies.




Subjects acting in occultism


Daemon is being or numinous beef - energy, that by people will helps or bad for. Daemon can be bring to pass evocation by exercise ritualistic black magic. Daemon it's able to out anything in customer malignant features, ideas, exhort him to crime or malignant act and can customer also consistently obsess. For hung up customer is then perhaps daemon exorcise. Beelzebub is devil, tempter and exteriorization positive evils.


Shaman (doctor) and shamanism

Shaman (doctor) is conjurer, curer, oracle, customer with sorcerous ability. Is it a contact (medium, mediator) midst numinous silos, deities and customer. Shamanism is kind primitive religion, in which shall they shamans (doctor) big problem. Be practising also rites voo-doo.


Sensualist - medium (mediator)

Sensualist or otherwise also medium (mediator) is customer with abnormal ability to especially extrasensory apprehension in another (altered) status awareness (trance). Sensualist is ability to accept fuel for environmental also internal enviroment, especially in areas ESP - extrasensory apprehension. Sensibility is demonstrate pro works in the area parapsychology, clairvoyant and divination, healings also occultism. Amount sensibility determines quality apprehension and accomplishment. Sensibility can be be mounting doing exercise and practice.


Other activity of in occultism

Paranormal effect and activity of, mystery and mysteries, solution

Paranormal is all, what be found outside normalcy. Can act concerning effect, activity or also about out of the ordinary abilities, eg. apprehension (sensualist, shaman). Paranormal effect are arcane, enigmatical and inexplicable effect, nonrecurring or recurring, as for example appearance something or someone, enigmatical sounds, voices and the like. Paranormal activity of are arcane, enigmatical and inexplicable processes and happening, as for example exercise something, circles in corn and the like. Questing likely account and solution.


esotericism, energy, occultism, magic, spiritism


Objective of examination and practice in the area esotericism is working with energies, mass and bouncy organisms

Working with energies:


acquiring information for different times and places / exercise in time and an area of - depth in norwegian, harnessing alien eyes, substitute, otherwise,

telepatically transfer idea of and communication / abstractedly from time and distances - sugestion, hypnosis, handling, information,

transfer energies abstractedly from time and distances / ain or alien energies, astroenergies, geoenergies, transformation,

realisation of ideas / implementation, affection and handling of the process or happening at will and fantasies in keep thinking,

materialization / reification ideas, visualisation concrete fantasies article or beings, geniture for energies.


Working with mass:

holdining of a mass on bodies - bodily magnetism / all sorts of subjects - exploration theirs subst, connexion, identify, associate,

movement of mass - telekinesis / even surface, hanging position - miscellaneous subjects miscellaneous weights and conformation - advance moving, sideslip, circumvolution, hunting,

movement of mass abstractedly from gravity - levitation / raised, hovering, hanging position, alternations location, confirmed exercise, circumvolution and the like,

mass transfer - teleport / flitting article, animals or persons from acquaintance also strange places wherever,


intrusion inwards mass / exercise inside and orientations apprehension - different state of matter, consistency, architecture, temperature, status,

interpenetration through stratum mass / orientations and have gain information extrasensory apprehension, internal see,

mass change / quantitative and qualitative change material or organism - physical features, conformation, status, functions,

dematerialize / visual death material, article or organism his change over on energies and as you were, any place.


Working with bouncy organisms:

working with people, animals and plant / communication, influence, handling, healing, therapies, revitalization, reprocessing,

localization / of persons with, animals, by other energy active entity, any place, for alliance adequate substitute or another connexion,

working with energies / affirmative energies, elbowing disease, abient and damaging energies, geopathic zones,


bring back to life / start environment processes of few active organism - energize, instauration functions for, pegging,

healing and therapies / working with full of life and healing energies, cure energy, bioenergetics action at distance, harmonisation,


revitalization organisms and their parts / resurgent, empowerment, full functions and achievement abstractedly from age and status, liven,

regeneration / introducing for historic status, instauration, reproduction, board's blemished parts organism fresh,

rejuvenation / slowing down of the process ageing - abortion - eversion of the process - revitalization, reprocessing.


Working with human spirit:

temporary visit / migration to east constituents ain availability - for unphysical, astral flats availability and as you were,

temporary reincarnation human spirit / access for bodies other customer or another bouncy organism or article,

temporary incarnation into inanimate artifact or subst / on any period, any place, anytime and as you were.



All findings of many year's standing studios, examination, examination, examination, businesslike attempt to, of procedures and processes of in the area esotericism are intellectual ownership - know-how and these acquired finding, information and skills be possible for commercially be exploiting.

Findings examination, goings and processes do not publish because of their likely abuse and have also because of the danger birth likely damage resulting incompetent handling unqualified and uninitiated persons.


Businesslike activity is administering for achieving affirmative change in all branches

It is about scientific and pointed intellectual work with different beef and virtual subjects

This work be in progress in extrasensory plane and astral environment according at large authenticated and approved else rule and law. Also by experimental of procedures is here effort about excluding possibilities birth selfdeceptions or hallucinations.

Advantage of is here contingency combinations and synergy any more each other coherent esoteric also by other acitivities and their actual executions at a blow. In terms of possibilities is guaranteed anonymity, confidentiality and ethic.

All these activities can be mented in relatively short time (according theirs costingness and exigencies repetition), during which time cargoes are only broken number values, which can be by this one acitivities carry off.

Priority shall they important and urgent cases, where threatens or where already be in progress a call blocking - emergency rescue and fast and effective solution already arisen or arising trouble or circumstance. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.

Consultation, consulting or solving any telephone and Internet problems can not be provided for time, convenience, or other reasons, so unfortunately I can not respond to phone calls, SMS and emails with such requests.



For current science can not exist what she does not have to ...

Science has already shown that time is plastic, the space is curved, and the spirit of its own energy, but the main problem of why science does not recognize esotericism and especially parapsychology (for example, various real and inexplicable mysterious abilities, phenomena and phenomena) is the impossibility of repeating something at any time in the laboratory with 100% reliability and also that it can not be measured (it does not yet know).


The distinction between the past, the present and the future must be understood as an illusion (Albert Einstein)

The universe is not space and time bounded. The future somehow exists already and can cast its shadow into the past. People, things, and events leave their traces of time and space.

Man has undoubtedly the power to control time and space, or to use them. People are able to receive news from tomorrow, or they can focus their views on the future or the past. It is possible by simple exercises to mobilize the superhuman forces.




Warning about potential risks and problems with energy and similar activities

Every normal person (or animal or plant) has given a certain amount of energy throughout his life just for his existence, and if he manages to distribute it to others, he must logically expect to sooner or later get into the situation, when this energy is not enough for his own needs and problems arise. You may initially have the same effect by having nothing to give away and stagnating. If he does not realize the danger that can arise in time due to the high fatigue, the loss of all the forces and the manifestations of various diseases, he can finally reach the point where he will no longer be able to supplement this energy - recharge, he will not have enough strength to rescue himself, and can not do without any help. This situation can occur if the energy is mistaken.

If you use and distribute your energy, you will logically miss it if you do not replenish it adequately, so recharge it. It is like money, which is also a form of energy, because it is also necessary to spend more or less of energy on it by repeating it, for example, by hard manual or mental work. No bank or banker is using to invest their personal money, but the money of the clients who entrusted them and who are left to them. Therefore, you, if possible, do not use your most valuable personal - vital energy for your business. But the quantity and quality of your personal - vital energy can be supplemented by other sources (nature - plants, trees, animals, other people, reconnection, movement, pharmacies, etc.).

There are more ways to work with energies, which in practice are most often used in two ways - namely, working with own energy and working with foreign sources of energy. Your personal energy is your own - vital energy (resulting from transformation from food, water, air and light), and alien sources can be, in particular, cosmic - cosmic energy (cosmic cosmos), astral energy (cosmic body energy (such as Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) and, last but not least, Earth energy (so-called geoenergy). These energy sources can passively contain their specific energy, actively radiate, or both. However, work with alien energy is demanding and so exhausts our own energy as well.

With different energies, they can work differently and purposefully and use them for different purposes (to heal, to displace negative energy, to charge and recharge, to telepathy, to various kinetic manifestations, or otherwise). These different forms of energy have different quality, quantity and content, and can be aggregated or densified, transformed, modulated and transported, and even with some energies, under certain conditions, they can be manipulated independently of space and time. There is nothing new because the Energy Conservation Act is one of the basic and most commonly used physical laws. This law (in simple terms) states that energy can not be produced or destroyed, but only transformed into another kind of energy.

It is therefore necessary to seriously reflect on what energy, why and how we work and whether we do not use a disproportionate amount of our personal energy to our activities, which may be the cause of our exhaustion. This is a great deal to be wary of, because too much exhaustion of your personal - vital energy can lead to the extinction of our vitality and, in the extreme, our life. In this case, it may be appropriate to stop or stop these activities for a while if our condition does not improve and does not return to its original condition. It is worth mentioning whether our well-earned activity also has a certain income for us (a reward - a fee for help and activity) or not - in short, whether this activity is so profitable for us if it is at all worth our exhaustion and our subsequent problems and difficulties.



The author is not responsible for any damages and damages caused by imitation, improper application or improper practice of all activities, and the use of other information presented and described on this site, including all related articles. The information given here is not primarily intended as a guideline due to the site's focus, so it is not divulged into details, including good practices and possible risks, and is therefore merely informative.


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