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Otakar Jaluvka, author creator esoterician

Esotericism - healing - therapy energies - cure remotely - cure energy

Health is a normal state of the human being

Body (and psyche) is created to be healthy

Each disorder - physical or mental - arises due to internal imbalances, stress and toxins. Every body has its own healing mechanisms (eg immunity, wound healing processes, fighting microorganisms, repair of malicious replications of cancer cells, etc.). Medicines usually have only the effect they expect (see homeopathy, placebo). For good health, it is necessary not to give space to any negative or other ideas - that is the principle of right positive thinking. Whoever expects health will come to this. We are what we want to be.

Our spirit regulates our body and mind and keeps them healthy, durable, vital and powerful. This state supports positive thinking. If faith is lacking in healing, actual healing is not possible. You become a healthy person thanks to your efforts. The present state of the body and the psyche is an accurate picture of contemporary thoughts, which is reflected in their current state, because every thought through the subconscious endeavors to be realized.

A mind that can not control (it produces and maintains various negative and other inappropriate thoughts) weakens or blocks these mechanisms. The idea is the beginning of everything, it is a creative act. Positive thinking produces genuinely positive fruits - it activates the creative forces of the subconscious and the energy to realize them. Who has healthy thoughts can not be sick.


No personal contact is necessary for any effective help

Help and treatment can take place remotely, even without the knowledge of the person being treated

If someone can not help themselves by solving or completely solving their situation, problems or condition (or situation, problems, or someone else's situation) for any reason, they can use the help of others who have more abilities, abilities, skills, knowledge, practice and experiences.

Assistance in the form of diagnostics and self-treatment is possible at a distance under certain specific conditions, which are always individual. This is a process whose length is directly dependent on the particular condition, the length of the escalation of the problem, the depth and severity of the problem being solved, and also the level of the target state to be achieved.

Effective help in solving any problem, especially health, is not a personal meeting because every change and solution of these problems takes place inside each person, that is, at the level of his subconscious, where the creative subconscious forces and energies are activated, and gradually make these positive changes.

In order to achieve a long-term or permanent improvement of the situation or to solve the problem, it is necessary in some cases to repeat the process or to correct it if necessary, especially in the complicated situations and problems. In some cases, personal contact and active collaboration with the help provider (eg treatment with hands, etc.) is necessary.

However, this assistance may not, for various reasons, be 100% effective and effective, even though maximum efforts, access and interest have been developed by the assistance provider. The result is also dependent on the motivation and intensity of the patient's healing, his belief in the effectiveness of this aid, and his expectation of the success of the treatment.


esotericism, bioenergy, astroenergy, healing, energy, joga


Fast and effective problem solving is basic lack customer

Disease is not only a accident on cell levels, but also accident in energy field of sentinel node

Well running affirmative full of life beef in adequate amount is basic condition good health and immunities against disease. Detailing cleanliness to residential or working space, lack theirs cleanup as from contamination abient beef and assuring well running geoenergy and astroenergy for of these space is basic condition theirs safe enjoyment.

For problem solving of persons, animals also grew is adequate especially work with energies - biotronics and bioenergetic action at distance or contingence, which is economical and effective by treat the almost all disease. Combined with entireness accession, homeopathic method and by mutual benefit cooperation be possible for acquire extremely good and fast attainment. Important he is also removal causation trouble, activated sludge treatment ain abilities break of herself and prevention.

Working with energies applicably supplementing and at the same time respects classical physic

Practical working with energies, her goings and methods applicably and be effective for complement cathedral classical physic (indicated therapy, medical help, drug regimen, prescribed drugs, habilitation and the like) and additional her boldly quickens and thus also make pleasant and cheaper.


The main types of energy


Geoenergy is the earth's energy that emerges from the earth. This energy has a basis in the material plane and bears, in particular, balance, strength and well-being.


Astroenergy is a cosmic energy that acts on us from space. This energy is a carrier of creativity and creativity, vision, imagination and imagination.


Geoenergy flows from the feet to the top of the head, astroenergy then the other way, from the top of the head to the feet. Geoenergy and astroenergy can flow together against each other and blend harmoniously in it, balance and actively and positively effect, as well as irradiate (as needed and controlled).


Areas interest, examination and actual practice especially in of these area energies:

Working with energies and functioning by those energie remotely - healing and therapies


functioning energie remotely / cure energy, bioenergetics action at distance, healing, revitalization, bonyness, rejuvenation,

major goals functioning energie / organs, groups organs, all over organism, aura, chakras, functions, spaces, geopathic zones,

alternative methods problem solving / reconnection, holistic medicine, homeopathy, healing spiritual by way, cosmic energy.


pentagram, esotericism, astrologiey, healing, energy


Functioning energie remotely

Problem solving of positive energies

Positive energies is kind energy, that has affirmative, positive, good and positive content and energies, as contrasted to negative energies, which is more and that about and about dominate. Positive energies occurs all around fewer than negative energies, reason it is demonstrate aim for achieving counteract and harmony (yin-yang) positive energy constitute, band about her and convey. More info: Cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life


Bioenergy and action of bioenergy

Biotronics (bioenergy) is an area studios, examination and businesslike functioning intended energie (especially positive and full of life bioenergy) as necessary on bioarea, aura, chakras or problem agency individual directly, out of arranging as yet acquaintance physical effect or medium. This activity can be carried out either in the presence of or else by default remotely. Solution applicably supplementing and respects classical physic.


Bioenergy action at distance

Bioenergy action at distance is functioning affirmative full of life energiee on the whole nine yards body, body part or agency, and on any distance for purpose of figuring out a trouble. Can act as for example about consecutive clarification (detoxication), strenghtening, recharging, rejuvenation, revitalization, slowing down, halting, disposal of and other positive influence physical or mental parts individual as necessary, even frequently or as prevention.



From under his birth there is almost any individual from all quarters bill for the repairs outer effect, causing in him birth the whole nine yards ranks especially mental, but physical apartment building. These blogs perceive and at all about them doesn't know. Clearing a section entails removal mental also physical apartment building, which by far restrict and frequently as far as make it impossible adequate development and bare life. By clearing a section helps also suggestion, autosuggestion and hypnosis.


Healing and therapies

Working with energies has effect hold over affirmative alternations organism, especially on his clarification, detoxication, regeneration and recharging his parts also complex positive energies. Contingency achieving east levels aggregate harmonisation and removal of some trouble and difficulty, theirs causation also prevention. Aging process be possible for put behind start environment processes of few active organism and full instauration majorities or all functions for on cell levels.



Revitalization has under aim vitalization, empowerment and aggregate liven as complex harmonisation his parts and their activisation full of life beef bundled from outside. Demonstrate single parts therapies revitalization is hale au naturel diet and way of living, maintenances correct weights and bodily condition, raul, relaxation and other methods, which can aid, because environment about be possible for alter only minimally.



Regeneration entails for these purposes introducing parts body, authorities to or all bodies for historic status, instauration, consecutive board's devoid of life parts fresh. Even if reprocessing pays, that every customer can largely be influential in our haleness, especially adequate hale food out of chemicals, exercise, relaxation, adequate land of nod and by other accessible methods.


Bonyness and reductions weights

Bonyness and reductions weights is demonstrate single parts processes of, giving under aim slowdown of the process ageing and entails do not only betterment physical health, but betterment environmental aesthetic appearence and aggregate condition, which to be in concluding aftereffect reflects to mental status as better ones feel like and an increase in confidently. Emaciate can be form of personal well long distance therapies, discreetly and more effective is in combinations with nutritive food, hale environment build, mind cure, buoenergy and by the instrumentality of full of life energies remotely.



Rejuvenation as complex or parts and authorities to be possible for slowdown as far as abortion processes of theirs ageing, which is caused especially damage coding scheme DNA by replication his sentinel node, damage oxygen radicals or by other mutagen. Relative rejuvenation such reaches post factum matching with others, normally ageing individuals. Man as energy being never country no, can alone be changed by form and status their availability and otherwise her basis stays all along equal.




Major goals functioning curer remotely


Aura is energies casing, which encloses all bouncy beings, is it a bioenergy radiated over bodies. Aura has evidence abilities, her beef and coloration reflects aggregate also health condition its toter and have also also his basic features and features. Customer has aura lesser and darker before hale and fortunate. Aura can be feel out also hand has, anyone blood arouses certain vibe. Aura is light hand also by one of goals of functioning energies.



Chakras are virtual driving points on bodies (parts bodies). Basic charkas is 7, head is number 1. Anyone chakras has individual blood and above all amount. For diagnostics and solution is human body divided for of several parts - chakras, in where with be found main organs or groups important authorities to, which adjudicate and cures as a whole - chakras (any one agency namely does not autonomously, but in framework by other). Do not only problem organs, but the whole nine yards Chakras are objective of functioning energie.



By physical disease are centres functioning beef especially concrete organs or functional group authorities to medicated, that are source and causation trouble, symptoms exhibit with on the outside as appearance, ascertained and documentary disease, status, or traumas. Case in the case of disease mental is attentiveness aimed according character of ascertained diseases above all on concrete centres cerebrum and his functions, eventually on east neural body or also other organs, aimed at removal causation breakdowns and achieving correct config. Always infiltration come from for actualities, as though in part physiography and mental along creates one entire, counterbalanced, concordant, organic and synergetic functional complex.


Geopathic zones

Geopathic zones are places with such geological architecture (eg. tectonic briggs under house, architecture country, effulgence, down stream, other effect), which cause by more sensitive or attenuate and diseased of persons with abient functioning on their organism. Longtime functioning negative energy can cause birth dangerous mental also physical problems. Any effect abient functioning geopathic zones can be applicably covered according theirs build, kind and intensities theirs removal, interference elimination, blocking or redirection.




Alternative methods problem solving

Hypnosis and autohypnosis

Inner space achieve body and therefore is able him also break of. Hypnosis also autohypnosis be possible for exert influence up function ranks organs. Inner space can exert influence up immune system and next areas. Fruitfulness of treatment do not only tubercular disease depends on timeous integration hypnotherapy. That can extremely boost up immunity framework, but there must arrive at betimes.

Get thin by dint of hypnosis and autohypnosis is the only likely confirmed fashion. Out of correct config inner space is namely confirmed effect precluded. Commercial number hypnotherapeutic campfire is 8. In the area hypnotherapy it is known couple studies, which prosperously conducted himself to aggrandisement breasts until about 1,5 size. By 28 % of women with there has to aggrandisement on by them determined amount, by 85 % there has to big aggrandisement.



Reconnection being on the natural energy country and tree as on historic mine of bioenergy and resubmission jumping table civilisation blanked out commensalism and harmony customer with Earth and countryside. Drawings positive astroenergy for outer space. Comeback to casualness and spiro grain from the others artificial referent, of resources and dependencies, especially chemical. Continuous drawings, amending and heat capacity au naturel, affirmative and full of life bioenergy and astroenergy.


Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is fashion diagnostics and healing disease or bodily authorities to having regard and emphasis on all over organism, which creates one entire, counterbalanced and harmonious complex parts physical and mental. Synergy bodies and mind.



Homeopathy is economical, but effective fashion problem solving disease feed motion bittie batch prescription medicines or prescription medicines firmly watered down. Therapy homeopathic drugs has for inpatient equal benefit as therapy drugs classical, but with lesser consumption prescription medicines with potentially undesirable effects. Clinical development status inpatient in charge of doctor, who prescribe homeopathic drugs, is similar to that, what show by others patients, be sure with minimal enjoyment prescription medicines, which may have side effects. Any medicines with abient adjacent effects can be cover herbs.


Placebo effect

To healing is used also placebo (preparation uncontaining effective cloth) and placebo answer, when medical attainment is developed beliefs inpatient, that it is attend and uses actual drug and post factum answer his organism as on actual drug.


Naturel substances

Substances herbal or animal ancestry (eg. for was, mushrooms, abortion, parts body animal) beacon to production ranks prescription medicines and in the appropriate to form of and concentrations is can be using also directly. In esotericism used to healing, by ceremonial and achieving other (altered) status awareness (trance).


Creative ideation

Creative ideation exploits fantasia to achieving of all desirable. Is it a born ability to figurative as basic creative energy outer space, in use consciously or unaware. Fantasia creates in keep thinking fantasies, mental images ambition and aims, which obtaining affirmative beef tent nonsubjective matter. Aim can be set in plane physical (also health condition), affectional, mental and clergy.


Healing spiritual by way

Simplest and most natural method healing (even for otherwise confirmed ailment) is healing spiritual by way. It means individually accept healing power spiritual by way, by dint of east, spiritual forces, that can aid and attend. Accepting those healing forces can vanish do not only diseases physical also mental, but dependencies and other difficulties. Basis is here faith in good, free motion to health and ambition to healing. More info: Cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life




Warning about potential risks and problems with energy and similar activities

Every normal person (or animal or plant) has given a certain amount of energy throughout his life just for his existence, and if he manages to distribute it to others, he must logically expect to sooner or later get into the situation, when this energy is not enough for his own needs and problems arise. You may initially have the same effect by having nothing to give away and stagnating. If he does not realize the danger that can arise in time due to the high fatigue, the loss of all the forces and the manifestations of various diseases, he can finally reach the point where he will no longer be able to supplement this energy - recharge, he will not have enough strength to rescue himself, and can not do without any help. This situation can occur if the energy is mistaken.

If you use and distribute your energy, you will logically miss it if you do not replenish it adequately, so recharge it. It is like money, which is also a form of energy, because it is also necessary to spend more or less of energy on it by repeating it, for example, by hard manual or mental work. No bank or banker is using to invest their personal money, but the money of the clients who entrusted them and who are left to them. Therefore, you, if possible, do not use your most valuable personal - vital energy for your business. But the quantity and quality of your personal - vital energy can be supplemented by other sources (nature - plants, trees, animals, other people, reconnection, movement, pharmacies, etc.).

There are more ways to work with energies, which in practice are most often used in two ways - namely, working with own energy and working with foreign sources of energy. Your personal energy is your own - vital energy (resulting from transformation from food, water, air and light), and alien sources can be, in particular, cosmic - cosmic energy (cosmic cosmos), astral energy (cosmic body energy (such as Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.) and, last but not least, Earth energy (so-called geoenergy). These energy sources can passively contain their specific energy, actively radiate, or both. However, work with alien energy is demanding and so exhausts our own energy as well.


esotericism, energy, healing, chakras, aura, astrology, bioenergy


With different energies, they can work differently and purposefully and use them for different purposes (to heal, to displace negative energy, to charge and recharge, to telepathy, to various kinetic manifestations, or otherwise). These different forms of energy have different quality, quantity and content, and can be aggregated or densified, transformed, modulated and transported, and even with some energies, under certain conditions, they can be manipulated independently of space and time. There is nothing new because the Energy Conservation Act is one of the basic and most commonly used physical laws. This law (in simple terms) states that energy can not be produced or destroyed, but only transformed into another kind of energy.


The psyche of man and the potential of the human brain (both hemispheres) are ready to work with energy and subconscious mind, however, in the event of longer-term activity, it is exhausting and there is a risk of congestion with all its consequences and consequences. This activity is not suitable for everyone, it requires preparedness and an exercise-acquired ability to manage these activities for an extended period without harm.

It is therefore necessary to seriously reflect on what energy, why and how we work and whether we do not use a disproportionate amount of our personal energy to our activities, which may be the cause of our exhaustion. This is a great deal to be wary of, because too much exhaustion of your personal - vital energy can lead to the extinction of our vitality and, in the extreme, our life. In this case, it may be appropriate to stop or stop these activities for a while if our condition does not improve and does not return to its original condition. It is worth mentioning whether our well-earned activity also has a certain income for us (a reward - a fee for help and activity) or not - in short, whether it is for us this activity so called profitability, be sitionary-if at all under this hazards, under our enervation and our post factum problems and difficulties.





The information provided on all pages of this website as well as in the referenced articles is not intended as a guideline due to its focus and is of a basic informative nature only. Therefore, they are not detailed, including details and good practice in their application, nor do they contain information on the existence of potential risks and their consequences.

The author of this website is not responsible for misunderstanding, use or misuse of its content, or for any damages and damages caused by imitating, improperly applying or improperly practicing all of the activities listed herein, including use of the information presented and described on this site and in all referenced author articles.

The author of this website is not responsible for the accuracy, validity or completeness of the content posted on this website and in the referenced articles and under no circumstances is the author of this website liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or expenses or other damages in connection with the information contained on this site.


Businesslike activity is administering for achieving affirmative change in all branches

Fast and effective problem solving in the area health and life is basic lack every man's

In order that we achieved complete cure, has to be inpatient ready for anything in his life as be changed by. Change awareness can not bring about from outside. Inpatient must accept alone under herself responsibility and devote of the process healing. As far anybody be not willing be in good form, help non him once medically medical help, once any other medical hardware or alternative methods. Public health is relatively at no cost, flexible budget therapy is relatively expensive.

Ago inauguration flexible budget of treatment is under character of diseases, difficulties, status or exigencies adequate nonrecurring or recurring personal contact with curer. For accomplishment of treatment is demonstrate reliance on curer also active cooperation medicated. By healing flexible budget methods is necessary abide by classical physic and be down not adhere prescribed therapies and enjoyment prescription medicines.

Findings of some of activities in of those area can not advance in ensure, but always them to us allowed attempt them. Always is required in order personal communication. Consultation, consulting or solving any problems or fast aid on the telephone and Internet can not be provided for time, convenience, or other reasons, so unfortunately I can not respond to phone calls, SMS and emails with such requests.




Benefits and advantages joinder of author, creative and esoteric acitivities

Combinations any more activities and their simultaneous implementation by one body


Benefits and advantage is contingency combinations interrelated coherent acitivities from any more areas and branch. Simultaneous implementation any more activities by one body guarantees theirs synergism, originality, exclusivity, speed of solution, direct personal and nonofficial communication and maximum discretion.

New, unconventional and original creative ideas, visions, know-how and solutions can help solve every problem. All these activities can be realized in a relatively short time depending on their complexity. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.

It is proven that nothing is perfect and that the current solution or novelty on the market is already obsolete and can be improved at any time. Everything can be done and solved better, faster, more simply, cheaply and more effectively. It rests you to decide.




"Ideation is more important before attainment. Attainment are of limited, whilst ideation encloses all the world, stokes advancement, gives geniture developments." (Albert Einstein)

"It all have knowledge of, that it is anything impossible and has then they appear a basket case, which doesn't know, that this is impossible and come it strong device." (Albert Einstein)




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