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Otakar Jaluvka, author creator esoterician

Esotericism - parapsychology, astrology, healing, occultism, magic

Longtime active examination and practical activity especially in these area esotericism:


Parapsychology and ESP

Parapsychology - telepathy, telegnosis, telestesion, imagination, transformation, telekinesis, teleporting, levitation, bilocacion, dematerialisation, materialisation, psychical therapy, karma, fate, incarnation, reincarnation and astral journeyings.

Parapsychology (otherwise also psychotronics, metapsychics, ESP) is branch upon sensory effect, dealing with abnormal mental ability to (as for example amount carried over information, manipulation with mass, therapy, migrations air hose valve and the like), which are not in at present by that time scientifically explainable and demonstrable. ESP = Extra-Sensory Perception.


pentagram, esotericism, psychotronic, astrology, biotronikc, healing, energy


Divination and fortune telling

Clairvoyance - prekognition, astropsychology, chiromancy, astrology, numerology, psychometry, horoscope, Tarot card interpretation, crystal ball, sideral pendulum, definition dreams, coffee grounds and other information sources.

Divination is way the button down do not only its foretime, close to the vest contemporaneousness or future and its karma or bygones lives, but it also allows be gaining information also about course or attainment a of activities, craic or processes of and have such contingency betimes for them affect.




Healing and therapies

Cure energy, bio energy, bioenergetics action at distance, deblocking, revitalization, regeneration, bonyness and reductions weights, rejuvenation, positive energies, aura, chakras, organs, geopathic zones, reconnection, holistic medicine, homeopathy, placebo, nature substances, creative ideation, psychical therapy, Cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life.

Working with energies and their hold over affirmative alternations organism, especially on his clarification, detoxication and recharging his parts also complex positive energies and adequate food. Contingency achieving east levels aggregate harmonisation and removal of some trouble and difficulty, theirs causation or also as a prevention.


esotericism, bioenergy, astroenergy, healing, energy, joga


Occultism and magic

Occultism, spiritism, spiritualism, magic, white magic, black magic, curse, bane, voodooism, conjuration, exorcism, daemon, shaman, medium, paranormal effect and activity, mystery and mysteries.

Developing appearance, seance of spirits, campfire and communication with departed and by other subjects and persons, magic, curse, bane and disposal of curses, voodooism, conjuration, expulsions malignant appearance, ejected demons for bodies, exorcise, mysteries, solution inexplicable of activities, effect and mystery.




Coherent exact disciplines

Graphology, suggestion, hypnosis, psychology, psychosomatics, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, medicine, anatomy, biology, geology, theology, math, geometry, chemistry and physics.

Orientations in scientific academic park is demonstrate for effort about insight esotericism and effect, which this classical ology by that time can no anyway explain. Actual ology can no and cannot scientifically achieve and avouch theirs availability and basis, but also cannot avouch theirs absence.



Subject of examination and practice it is work with energies, mass, alive organisms and souls

Working with energies:


gaining information from different times and places - time and space movement / use of foreign senses, people, aids, and subjects,

telepathic transmission of ideas communication independently of time and distance / suggestion, hypnosis, gain of information, manipulation,

cumulation, transformation and energy transfer independent of time and distance / energy, foreign energy, energy combination,

materialization of thought - materialization of an idea or a specific idea, birth from energy / object, being, process, action,

influencing processes and processes - various manipulations independently of time and space / changes in beginnings, courses or endings of events, etc.


Working with mass:

mass movement - telekinesis / movement of various objects of different weight and shape or living creatures or persons,

movement of matter independently of gravity - levitation / floating, stability or movement of floating objects or persons,

mass transfer - teleportation / transfer of an object, animal or person anywhere and anywhere,


intrusion into matter - movement and orientation inside / perception of state, density, structure, temperature, state,

penetration of matter independently of time and space / orientation and gain for information as an opaque layer of matter,

change of mass - quantitative and qualitative change of mineral and organic material / properties, shape, condition,

materialization and dematerialization - the emergence and extinction of an object or being / transformation into energy and back, anywhere.


Working with living organisms:

working with people, animals and plants - extrasensory communication / hypnosis, influencing thinking, acting and other manipulation,

localization of people, animals, objects and other energetically active entity / anywhere, through a suitable substitute or other relationship,


animation - start of life processes of low active organisms / energization, restoration of vital functions, stabilization,

treatment and therapy of vital and healing energies / biotronics, energy remotely, harmonization, dislocation and others,


regeneration - bringing the organism and its parts back to their original state / renewal, replacing them with new ones, re-creating them,

revitalization of organisms and their parts - revitalization and strengthening into full function and performance / independence from its age,

rejuvenation and youth - slowing, stopping and reversing the process of aging / starting the process of revitalization and regeneration.


Working with souls:

a temporary visit to one's own soul - moving to a higher component of one's own existence / non-physical, astral plane of existence;

temporary incarnation soul - incarnation / entry into the body of another person or living organism in space-time,

temporary incarnation soul into an inanimate object or matter - incarnation / independently of time, space, or state,

Contact and communication with the souls of the deceased and other - occultism and spiritism / independently of time and space.



Main goal of studios, examination, experimental and practice it is harnessing esoteric matters in businesslike life

I be focusing on discovering by other hidden possibilities, documents of title, effect, processes of, functions for and their combinations

Research results, especialy goings, procedures, processes and concrete findings here are not published because of their potential misuse and also due to the risk of potential health, material and by other damage caused by unprofessional handling by unauthorized, unqualified, feckless and uninitiated persons.

All the results of many years of study, research, examination, testing, practical experiments, procedures and processes in the field of esotericism and parapsychology are intellectual ownership - know-how and these acquired knowledge, information and skills can be practical be exploiting.




Practical activity is administering for achieving affirmative change and profit in all branches

Improvement attainment examination, practice and experi be possible for especially for:


Search and detecting

search and find - information and answers, physical subjects and objects,

detecting - effective strength, close to the vest difficulties, causes and reasons.



communication - telepathy - contacts, absence beings, nonliving beings.



divination and clairvoyance - contemporaneousness, foretime, future; birth, evolution and end.


Solving problems

solution and realization - statuses, circumstance, difficulties, exigencies, ambition, mystery.


Alleviation of obstacles

removing - mental and physical blogs, diseases, curses, voo-doo, zones and other at negative.


Influence status and persons

influence status - development, craic, course happening, of the process or actions, consumption,

influence persons - hypnosis, suggestion, control of persons with and crowd.


Manipulations and alternations

manipulation with objects - travel mass, kinetics, levitation, any time and anyplace,

alternations mass - change over, transformation, materialization, dematerialize,

clarification and recharging - objects, interiors, spaces, environments, zones, matters.


Healing and therapies

healing and therapies - healing energies for distance, recharging, clearing a section, detoxication,

regeneration - rejuvenation, grow younger, slowdown and abortion ageing, full functions bodies,

increasing vitality - revitalization, east achievement, revival, liven up, other interests.


Other means improvement

other means improvement - new and freeform breeding improvement esotericism and synergy,

experiments - attempts, businesslike examination, fresh and rare discoveries, combinations.


esotericism, energy, astrology, healing, biotronic


For current science can not exist something, what according her be available once cannot


Science has already shown that time is plastic, the space is curved, and the spirit of its own energy, but the main problem of why science does not recognize esotericism and especially parapsychology (for example, various real and inexplicable mysterious abilities, phenomena and phenomena) is the impossibility of repeating something at any time in the laboratory with 100% reliability and also that it can not be measured (it does not yet know).

These effects and happening are not need be able account for and argue scientifically, because be enacted beyond the pale human knowledge, which is limited his contingency and by of limited levels knowledge actual of science is thus an absolutely out of his comprehending. Fundamental infiltration is, that these, for us "marvelous" goings, processes and happening in practice under certain condition be functional and has some already of thousands of flight bringing in demonstrable and concrete findings.

If the assumptions, assertions and evidence of scientists, physicists, and contemporary sciences were correct, as the vast majority of them claim, the existence and incidence of parapsychological and extra-mental (ESP) phenomena and manifestations should never occur. At the same time, these phenomena and manifestations have been tested many times in the past and scientifically confirmed, they are demonstrably an integral part of our lives and our existence, they are therefore the nature of man.




The distinction between the past, the present and the future must be understood as an illusion (Albert Einstein)


The universe is not space and time bounded. The future somehow exists already and can cast its shadow into the past. People, things, and events leave their traces of time and space.

Man has undoubtedly the power to control time and space, or to use them. People are able to receive news from tomorrow, or they can focus their views on the future or the past. It is possible by simple exercises to mobilize the superhuman forces.



"Ideation is more important before attainment. Attainment are of limited, whilst ideation encloses all the world, stokes advancement, gives geniture developments." (Albert Einstein)

"It all have knowledge of, that it is anything impossible and has then they appear a basket case, which doesn't know, that this is impossible and come it strong device." (Albert Einstein)




The past and the future do not exist, only the eternal presence


The passage of time is a projection of our reason. In this world, civilized people have divided their time and calendar to organize life for themselves and others. To know when to sow, who is old, when to pay taxes, when to go to church, when to work and when to go home.

In the multidimensional and invisible world in which our subconscious works, there is no past, no present, no future. In fact, it is only an absolute eternal presence, in which the past and the future coexist, at once, now and now. After death, there is only one presence, which is only one form of real being, that is, only constant now and permanent now.

In the universe, everything is imagined: the past, present and future, each of them not only in reality, but also in all its possibilities and variants that have not or will not happen (see some people's ability to read in the past or in the future).

The universe records not only my destiny, but also all the specific details of my entire life, such as the road (all roads) to a crossroads that I did not follow and went to another destination. So if I go in any way, their course and goal and thus my whole life and my destiny are already recorded.

This presupposes the existence of a common consciousness of human beings (the global subconscious) in which all earthly events, deeds, lives, destinies, paths, memories and all positive and negative deeds are recorded and from where the media draw information in a trance.



"Time is just an illusion," Albert Einstein said. The fact that time is relative and depends on the point of view is proven by the so-called "Jaluvka time tube":

On a transparent tube the length of time is written longitudinally from left to right, such as consecutive years, days or hours or the words past, present and future; this is the earthly perception of time in 3D space. When looking at the tube from the back, the time data written on it can be seen backwards, so even the course of time is the opposite.

When looking at the tube from the side, there is a view through the tube defined by its walls and there is no progress over time, only the point where the tube walls converge, this point being the same when viewed from both sides of the tube and without any data about time.

The consideration of increasing the depth of time in the tube along its axis away from the viewing eye also makes no sense, as looking through the tube from both sides of the tube, the time passing on the tube and the increasing depth of time are always opposite and contradictory, that is still the same when viewed from both sides and represents time as a point.


There is only an absolute eternal presence in which there are all variants of the possibility of all events in the past, present and future at the same time

This is evidenced by my findings and practical experience that, for example, I often feel (absurdly perceived) that the text I am writing at that moment I once wrote and now only see it internally (absurdly perceive) as a silver text written on a dark background and I just describe it quickly and without thinking. I'm describing what I'm writing.

Because the subconscious is not limited in time or space, with the emergence of any question (problem) arises immediately its answer (solution) and so no question or problem actually exist, because in the subconscious there are immediately answer and solution. Unanswered questions and unresolved issues are only in this world.




What is possible in the field of esotericism and parapsychology and also proved for many years


Possibilities and abilities in the field of telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, psychokinetics, spatial relaxation - bilocation, hypnosis, autohypnosis and other areas mentioned here are not only possible but also proved for many years.

These are not seemingly some random miracles or spells and lines, but are deliberately wanted and scheduled activities, repeatedly and purposefully induced results of human will and conscious wanting using the creative powers of the subconscious. It utilizes natural or intentionally induced states from full consciousness to deep trans or in the presence of both states of varying intensity simultaneously.


Proven possibilities, abilities, actions and phenomena

For example today's science brought irrefragable fact, that when intellectual substance - abreast with accordingly awareness - quits body bouncy customer, be offended of thousands of kilometer, as to after by his aims behold and hear second childhood, touch them and confabulate with them. As well attend all the same, that physical body go forward not once about millimeter from his places.

Transient entities have argued that material, material and sensory thinking is inadequate and that their energetic fluid body is much more sophisticated, for example, has the ability to see in the dark not only the subject, but also the trees and the whole forest shine, can be seen outside the forest in a much larger space, but also in a closed room that is translucent for them).

When traveling through time in hypnosis (autohypnosis) to the past, present and future for the subject (medium), there is no time because he lives in the constant presence of his time, and therefore his estimation is often unreliable for us. of time (which is relative to us), even though his perception of the things and actions he recognizes and sees are real and right.

In hypnosis and with the help of somnabular ability one can observe and uncover human nature in a more perfect material form. The hypnotic (autohypnotic) suggestion can be used to produce the most varied personalities. During the trance, one can read in the souls of the living and deceased, read all the news from the objects or receive them directly from other spirits (they know everything, convince with great precision to the finest detail).


Proven capabilities and capabilities of sensitive people and media

• The clairvoyant medium recognizes what is happening in distant places, reads closed sheets and random places of closed books, and in languages unknown to him. He recognizes his illness, causes and gives means against it (similarly judges about other people's diseases, even from a distance). He predicts future things, recognizes things hidden, unknown, sees the characters of the spirits of the other invisible, etc. Clairvoyance (the sixth sense of man) can be cultivated as another media ability.

• Media and somnabular personalities in the dark see radiating subtle shining steam or flames from various objects, seeing in the distance, clairvoyance, writing notes and playing the heaviest songs, even though they have never learned to play the instrument. There is also a baby font.

• Direct messages - reasonable answers can be obtained in an unknown language. There are future or distant things that the medium could not have known in advance. Other phenomena beyond the intelligence of the medium or phenomena against its will can be achieved.

• Medium in trance can easily do anything due to hypnosis, suggestion, autohypnosis and autosuggestion. He does this sometimes and sometimes not, although he wants it and the conditions are the same as elsewhere. The medium can also have a protective spirit that can mediate connections with other spirits. The medium can unknowingly deceive (if we wish something that does not actually exist and must be created by the soul's forces) and can speak the truth (if our wish is concrete and possible).

• The medium does not have to fall into trance, it is fully aware of what it is doing (speaking, singing, and writing in various languages with natural ease and fluency) and what is happening around it. Although the soul of the conscious self is lost in a deep trance, the powers, talents and abilities remain intact. The medial powers and capabilities of the subconscious self are still unclear.

• Materialization - creation of teleplasmic phenomena (phantoms of talking persons and animals, hand carrying things and performing various tasks). Telekinesis, levitation - levitation, transfer to distant places (teleportation), benefits of objects, psychometry, teleplastic experiments in full light (head, face), stigmata, knot binding without touch, etc.


Proven possibilities and abilities in the field of telepathy

• Success rates are highly likely - 65-90% (for example, one telepath correctly determined everything at 80%). It is confirmed that it is possible to establish contact with the deceased and at the same time to telepathically talk to him. It is possible by intense request or vivid imagination to transfer the spirit to an absent, far away object or to read the other person's thoughts through the wall.

• The telepath issued a telepathically remotely order which was accurately executed. The recipient answered telepathically exactly to the questions he had been asked. He merely summoned subjects to the pub in the specified order and with the specified items.


Proven possibilities and abilities in the field of clairvoyance and precognition

• Naturally, under certain circumstances, one can feel other people's thoughts, learn about hidden deeds, happenings and secrets, and learn about distant events where the test person discovers, for example, complex scenes and events from daily life, search for criminals, predictions for the future.

• Forecasts for the future are also proven - for example, the broadcaster accurately describes the appearance and characteristics of the person sitting in the designated chair in the hall.

• Finding lost items, finding dead on the battlefield, detecting crimes, searching for criminals. It is possible to identify hidden actions, actions and secrets, such as reading the contents of a letter in a closed envelope, seeing and describing things in lockers, etc.

• It is possible to quickly find (hunt down) hidden persons within a radius of 4 km (anyone can be seen in a trance with their clairvoyant mental eyesight) hidden outside, in buildings and underground. The found found that the finders did not look at them with direct eyes, but perceived them from the side or back, or the hand.

• The clairvoyant predetermined the dates of war changes, subjects in both world wars determined the stay of soldiers, the time of their return, if it fell or is alive. He also sensed where the stolen jewel was hidden, he sensed a warning thought signal, he knew what and where he was in his bag and what was written on it, etc.

• It is possible to read mind images of passive people, to feel other people's thoughts, to discover complex scenes and happenings of daily life (eg Mr. X is unconsciously freed spatially with the help of fluid, which makes it easy to obtain plans and information remotely in advance).

• Area of protonation - clearly, as if by inner sight, he was traveling through an unfamiliar landscape, for about ten minutes, while perceiving all the details. In three years, he had been realistically there, and nothing had changed — the people were exactly the same, and what he saw were exactly the same movements and gestures. What he saw as real in his mind, he saw three years later in reality.


Proven possibilities and abilities in the field of psychokinetics

• Kinetics - the spirit has power over the material elements scattered in space. By will alone, he can merge them immediately (materialization) and give them the form of real objects and movement. By associating elementary material particles, the human spirit can change its physical form in various ways, give it a different shape, duplicate, float, act on another matter, etc.

• It is possible to hover and move objects without human touch. It is possible to move and transfer objects that are often very distant (Mr. X often let a vase weighing 4 kg disappear and created it elsewhere). The table was moved without the touch of hands, objects distant from the media were moving and floating in the air.

• A single person (even a child) can easily handle an object weighing up to 100 kilograms. Another lifted the heavy table and had it transferred to another, predetermined location. Sleepy impressed the larger picture on the wall in the theater hall, so he descended himself and lay freely on the table.

• Human beings can also float above ground. The size, weight or position of the levitating trance may vary. Only medial, somnabular personalities are able to do this.

• Knock communication (it is possible to communicate with ghosts), eg knocking in a specified number of strokes. Knocking echoed in the air or in some objects. He put his hands on the table, soon he was knocking. He began spelling the alphabet and dictated his name.

• Writing Communications - get direct written communications of unknown, distant, or future things. For example, a pencil in the hands of a media guided by the ghost quickly writes answers to the questions asked, even in a foreign language. Automatic writing - direct written communications of unknown, distant or future things can be obtained.

• Various aids are used, for example, a psychograph is an alphabet paper, eg in a circle, and a moving pointer (or sideric pendulum) stops and shows letters. Sometimes the pointer is fixed and the circle rotates. Little planet with a pen - the hand resting on it writes on the paper under it. The pen can also write itself, eg attached to a table leg over paper.

• Direct ghost fonts - clean, previously unwritten paper shows undetermined handwritten text from below, despite a 2cm thick oak board. It is impossible to write by hand media - something written without touching the hand appears - this can be done with every reliable media or with yourself. The pencil erects itself into the writing position and writes.

• The penetration of solid bodies according to the spiritists' interpretation consists in the immediate separation and fast connection of atoms. By separating the atoms, a material object can disappear before our eyes and reappear when the atoms join together. In phenomena of this kind, there has always been a considerable warming of the dematerialized object, and even light changes have been observed. By halting (mitigating) molecular movements, we ensure intact and permeability, because scattered points would not prevent other points from entering large spaces between them.


Proven possibilities of spatial relaxation - bilocation

• Bilocation is mechanical bifurcation, the materialization of a double body in space. Intentionally unwanted, unintentional case, when Mr. X fell asleep in the evening and suddenly woke up and found himself to be spatially relaxed and located in the center of the room about a meter from the ceiling. At the same time, he saw his gross (physical) body lying on the bed and the other, fluid (ectoplasmic), having a similar shape but livelier and brighter, in the space above it (not realizing he could see or perceive everything in light even when it was night).

He realized this condition, saw what time it was on his watch, wanted to take advantage of it. He saw the church on the square, wanted to see its interior and in that second he floated in the church, he was not afraid, he was easily (the fluid body does not go from one place to another, but is where we want it). He wanted to be back and immediately back and then wherever he wanted to be. He had a contented and happy feeling of freedom and happiness.

Return to body by command: Back to body. Repeatedly, then a feeling of pain in the body, presence in the body, a feeling of weight, pain, dissatisfaction, three hours of managing stillness. Problem solving and return - when the body is spatially relaxed, both bodies are connected by a fluid silver-whitish tape, and when this connection breaks, the coarse body leaves the fluid body. Under certain circumstances, both the conscious and subconscious self unite and form the unity of both self in one body.


Proven possibilities of using hypnosis, autohypnosis and hypnotherapy

• Hypnosis is also a means of manipulation (eg directing someone and somewhere to do anything, anytime, gaining information).

• Anything can be remembered with the help of hypnosis. Since this is a process, more hypnotizations may be needed.

• Some semi-hypnotic phenomena can also be obtained by the action of metals and magnets. It is also demonstrably possible to discharge (recharge) the power source over a distance.

• In hypnosis it is possible to answer questions when one cannot make decisions, eg between 2 partners. This is possible through special procedures of communication with the subconscious, where the physical intelligence of the subconscious chooses the right choice. For ideomotor signaling and communication with the subconscious can be used sideric pendulum.


• Both autohypnosis and hypnosis are powerful suggestive means to induce the right positive mood, confidence and belief in the success of each action.

• Self-hypnosis is a suggestive enhancement of one's own abilities and a change in the setting of basic patterns of thinking, behavior and behavior in the subconscious.

• Using self-hypnosis, you can circumvent weakening thought processes, remove blocks (de-blocking), and replace them with new paths that bring changes and new possibilities.

• For example, for healing purposes, we can instill in the subconscious healing ideas, self-confidence, resilience, eliminate images, depression, suffering, fear, etc.


• Inner space achieve body and therefore is able him also break of. Hypnosis also autohypnosis be possible for exert influence up function ranks organs.

• Subject by dint of alternations config inner space autosuggestion under 10 days exceeded claustrophobic anxiety for lift.

• Inner space can exert influence up immune system and next areas. Fruitfulness of treatment do not only tubercular disease depends on timeous integration hypnotherapy. That can extremely boost up immunity framework, but there must arrive at betimes.

• Get thin by dint of hypnosis and autohypnosis is the only likely confirmed fashion. Out of correct config inner space is namely confirmed effect precluded. Commercial number hypnotherapeutic campfire is 8.

• In the area hypnotherapy it is known couple studies, which prosperously conducted himself to aggrandisement breasts until about 1,5 size. By 28 % of women with there has to aggrandisement on by them determined amount, by 85 % there has to big aggrandisement.


Other proven possibilities, abilities, actions and phenomena

• It is proven that it is possible to be in several rooms at the same time, even in distant places (the simultaneous presence in sixteen theater performances in different cities and simultaneous watching of all games caused an increased mental experience).

• It is possible to hover and move objects without human touch. Many people are sometimes unable to move a light object and, on the other hand, a single person (even a child) can easily handle an object weighing up to 100 kilograms (changing the effect of gravity).

• Human beings can also float above ground. The size, weight or position of the levitating trance may vary. Only medial, somnabular personalities are able to do this.

• During the trance, you can read in the souls of the living and deceased, read all the news from the objects or receive them directly from other spirits (they cannot beg for long, they know everything, convince with great precision to the finest detail).

• A small child answers with a pencil questions from the life of adept adults - the child's subconscious can not be, because it is still a blank sheet, can not write and, moreover, remains in a normal state.

• A young child writes notes and plays the heaviest songs, even though the instrument has never been taught.

• In the dark, he sees emanating light, steam, flames, distant, clairvoyance from various objects.

• There are future or distant things that the media could not have known in advance.

• It is possible to carry objects that are often very distant.

• Mind images of passive persons can be read.

• Reasonable answers can be obtained in an unknown medium.

• Mr. X reliably solves renovations on car prototypes as innovators.

• He was driving a blindfolded car, even if he couldn't drive.

• He won a blindfold game of chess with a strong chess player, although he played for the first time and did not know all the rules of the game.

• It was played on a closed and locked piano in daylight.

• She should have taken a box of matches from a table covered with many objects that could not be seen underneath and reached for her confidently.

• Another lifted the heavy table without touching it and moved it to another predetermined location.

• The table was broken with invisible hands.

• Another often made a vase weighing 4 kg disappear and created it elsewhere.

• Asleep floating impressed the larger picture on the wall in the theater hall, so that he could bear himself and lay freely on the table.

• Asleep floating created a visible materialization of the spirit in a living form as desired within 6 minutes so that it was possible to talk to it (the spirit form was created by the subconscious Self of the subject).

• Asleep floating wanted to leave, opened the locked door with a touch, and left. When he attempted to arrest he rose to a height of about 100 meters and sailed, commanded to the ground. When he tried to take away, he created an attractive force that not even 7 people moved with him.

• Another was asked in a trance to walk 5 km by leaps and bounds; he went long floating steps, as if hovering and 5 km walked these steps in 18 minutes (at a speed of about 20 km / h).

• Mr. X commanded Mr. Y in his thoughts to come (after a few minutes he apologized from the ladies' company he was weak, closed his eyes and came).

• etc ...




Newest finding for research of such areas esotericism can employ in practice it all and now,

because at all decides not, whether is a persons, miscellaneous subjects or firms

Some areas and park esotericism (especially in conjunction with acquaintance ability to and with creative activity or else also taking advantage attainment analyses and by other information) be possible for in practice very well commercially advantage to take. Contingency fast problem solving is effective and bold aid especially for subjects highly motivated and desirable, located with under big inflation pressure, in distress it or in other disadvantageous circumstance.

This aid has all sorts of forms as from data acquisition, divination, questing, admeasurement, reviews, examining and emendation to miscellaneous flexible budget forms aid, as as for example work with beef, bioenergy action at distance, therapies and the like. Findings of some of activities in of those area can not advance in ensure, but always them to us allowed attempt them.

Always is required in order personal communication. Consultation, consulting or solving any problems or fast aid on the telephone and Internet can not be provided for time, convenience, or other reasons, so unfortunately I can not respond to phone calls, SMS and emails with such requests.




Benefits and advantages joinder of author, creative and esoteric acitivities

Combinations any more activities and their simultaneous implementation by one body


Benefits and advantage is contingency combinations interrelated coherent acitivities from any more areas and branch. Simultaneous implementation any more activities by one body guarantees theirs synergism, originality, exclusivity, speed of solution, direct personal and nonofficial communication and maximum discretion.

New, unconventional and original creative ideas, visions, know-how and solutions can help solve every problem. All these activities can be realized in a relatively short time depending on their complexity. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.

It is proven that nothing is perfect and that the current solution or novelty on the market is already obsolete and can be improved at any time. Everything can be done and solved better, faster, more simply, cheaply and more effectively. It rests you to decide.





The information provided on all pages of this website as well as in the referenced articles is not intended as a guideline due to its focus and is of a basic informative nature only. Therefore, they are not detailed, including details and good practice in their application, nor do they contain information on the existence of potential risks and their consequences.

The author of this website is not responsible for misunderstanding, use or misuse of its content, or for any damages and damages caused by imitating, improperly applying or improperly practicing all of the activities listed herein, including use of the information presented and described on this site and in all referenced author articles.

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Health is a normal state of the human being
Healing - working with energies - bioenergetics - bioenergy action at instance
Cosmic energy and harnessing in businesslike life - healing and therapy

The past and the future do not exist, is only the eternal presence
What all is in areas esoteric matters and parapsychology possible and documentary
Why official science (provisionally) recognize esoterics
Parapsychology - ESP - extra-sensory perception and transcendention
Clairvoyance and divination, foretelling the future and precognition
Occultism - spiritualism, white magic, black, magic, shamanism, voodoo



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uv023408 - Materials with desinfection effects
uv023600 - Warheads shaver for sticks more direction
uv023860 - Equipments to monitoring, detection and diagnostics rails vehicles and their component during journey

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Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk - Tvorba   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk - Ukázky   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk - Kontakt   Otakar Jaluvka, author, creator, esoterician - any texts, creative solutions, practical esotericism for bigger effect and higher profit   Otakar Jaluvka, author, creator, esoterician - any texts, creative solutions, practical esotericism for bigger effect and higher profit - Creation   Otakar Jaluvka, author, creator, esoterician - any texts, creative solutions, practical esotericism for bigger effect and higher profit - Samples   Otakar Jaluvka, author, creator, esoterician - any texts, creative solutions, practical esotericism for bigger effect and higher profit - Contact   Opposition - opposition procedure - opposed - opponent   Innovation - innovating - means - aims - findings   Know-how - designs - development - solution   Improvement proposal - solution   Patents - utility designs - protect   Reserve funds - budget solution - economy drive - new source of savings   New way solution hidden trouble communities and companies   Oponentura, oponování, oponent   Inovace a inovování   Know-how, řešení, ochrana know-how, utajení   Zlepšovací návrhy a zlepšování   Patenty - užitné vzory - ochrany   Úspory - úsporné řešení - úsporné opatření - nové zdroje úspor   Nová metoda řešení skrytých problémů společností a firem   Esotericism - Clairvoyance, Divination, astrology, Tarot card   Esotericism - Cosmic energy - healing and therapy in businesslike life   Esotericism - Healing and therapies, biotronic, working with energies, zones   Esotericism - Occultism, spiritism, white and black magic, voodoo, ban, mystery   Esotericism - Parapsychology - ESP - extra sensory perception - unconscious - trance   Esotericism - parapsychology ESP, Clairvoyance and Divination, Healing and therapy, medicine man, occultism, spiritism, magic   Esoterika - astrologie, jasnovidectví, věštění, výklad karet Tarot   Esoterika - Kosmická energie a její využití v praktickém životě   Esoterika - Léčitelství a terapie, biotronika, práce s energiemi   Esoterika - Okultismus, spiritismus, bílá a černá magie, voodoo, záhady   Parapsychologie - ESP - mimosmyslové vnímání - transcendence - podvědomí - trans   Esoterika - psychotronika, parapsychologie, ESP, jasnovidectví, léčitelství, biotronika, okultismus, spiritismus, magie   Sponzorování a sponzorství – výhody a možnosti investování do sponzoringu   Sponsoring and sponsorship - benefits and possi investing in sponsorship   Otakar Jalůvka prodává super auto velmi levně  Otakar Jaluvka sells super car very cheap video clip story  Mr.Silver - video klip disko hudba tanec   Mr.Silver - video clip disco music dance   Materiál s desinfekčním účinkem   Hlavice holicího strojku pro holení více směry   Zařízení k monitoringu, detekci a diagnostice drážních vozidel a jejich komponentů za jízdy   Material with desinfection effect   Warheads shaver machine tool for shin any more directions   Apparatus to monitoring, detection and diagnostics rail vehicle and their components on the run   Otakar Jalůvka, autor a kreativec - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor a kreativec - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Know-how - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Oponentura a oponování - autorská a kreativní činnost - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Autor a kreativec - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor a kreativec - jakékoli texty a kreativní řešení pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec a esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Autor, kreativec, esoterik - jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Autor, kreativec a esoterik - jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Technologický skaut - Otakar Jaluvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik - jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika   Autor, kreativec a esoterik - jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Esoterika, Psychotronika, Parapsychologie, ESP, jasnovidectví, léčitelství a terapie, okultismus, magie   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec a esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec a esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec a esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec a esoterik – jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení a praktická esoterika pro větší úspěch a vyšší zisk   Otakar Jaluvka - author, creator and esoterician - any texts, creative solutions and practical esotericism for bigger effect and higher profit   Otakar Jalůvka, autor, kreativec, esoterik. Jakékoli texty, kreativní řešení, praktická esoterika   Otakar Jaluvka, author, creator, esoterician. Aany texts, creative solutions, practical esotericism