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Innovation and innovating - means - announcement letter solution

Anyone fourth business has absence order and fifth has problems with great competition

Innovations is any change, that amp up availability and uniqueness firms and its product or of services for her client and bears effects in form elevated sales turnover and fruit, an increase in of a number of and loyalties client and an increase in share in the market.

To implement innovations can be utilized as the results of costly research and development, as well as a variety of ideas and innovations, the practical implementation of minor and major improvements and changes, modifications or partial use of patents, licenses and the like.




Distinguish between minor and major improvements groundbreaking changes:


the improvement of processes, using local knowledge and dealing in particular with local problems (eg production) and the expected benefit is in the order of several hundred thousand to several million crowns (better productivity, savings, cost reduction, etc.). Unlike innovation takes realization short time (weeks), and a statistically 90% percentage.


is the process of detachment from the status quo, using global knowledge and solving a cross-cutting issue (eg. product, marketing, development, production, logistics, trade, reserve funds) and contribution of tens to hundreds of million crowns (new value, originality, diversity, etc.). Implementation takes a long time (months) and is statistically 10% success rate benefit is improving compared to absolutely incomparable.


The actual process of improvement and innovation is the process of finding new combinations - elements of ideas, processes and requires constant experiments, tests and trials, the vast majority of inventive attempts are useless, some ideas have a certain value and only a very small percentage of an inventive breakthroughs.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose such targets that deliver the highest gain and the focus and it is necessary to proceed in several directions and try as much as possible variants. In practice however, always be a success anything better.




We distinguish the following main types of innovation:

• product innovation - account for about 70% of all innovations,

• technological innovations - about 28% of all innovations,

• innovations material - about 2% of all innovations.


Innovations are classified according to their level and range up to eight stages:

• 0 stage - the restoration of the original quality / the effort to return the level of production equipment or product to its original condition,

• 1st stage - quantitative change / eg. increase or decrease the number of employees, type of product etc.,

• 2nd stage - the adaptation of the production system or technological process /moving production to a more powerful machine or increase the performance of the original capacity etc.,

• 3rd stage - the change in the quality of products / the effort to improve product design in order to reduce its production costs, such as replacing metal cheaper and lighter plastic, needless to paint,

• 4th degree - a new variant of the product / product improvement by improving some his parameter or functions, such as playing better, warms more,

• 5th degree - a new generation of products / changing its significant features, but without its concept was changed, eg. electronics,

• 6 degree - a new type of product / application of new design concepts, but maintaining the original principle, eg. mountain bike,

• 7 degree - a new family of products / new principle of their functions, such as sawing is replaced by laser cutting etc.




Waiting not as far as you competition disqualif from for market by and will ready

Advantage to take advantages timeous solution innovating and innovation here and now and carry off:

• economy costs / material, of raw materials, beef, personnel concerned, laundry, of transport, abbreviation time, oversimplification and streamlining technological processes of fabrication, distribution and consumption,

• elevated profit / bilk out of, of a number of client and users to, order, breeding, assortment, exported goods, quality, making, utility also esthetic values product, safety, environmental friendliness and the like,

• solution trouble and difficulties / deterrence likely hazards and imperilment losses fruit, abridgment or risk elimination and losses actual location or decommissioning from market,

• other advantages / an increase in competitiveness, lead ago competition, higher prosperity and cachet firms, bigger hold over market, decommissioning competition from market, global increase in volume and the like.




Because all’s can be figure out better off, cheaper, more plainly, faster and effectively now

This bidding is advantageous especially to those, who need quick amp up its efficiency, competitiveness, prosperity and profit and be without for it desirable time, capacity, creativity, know-how and information.

Using of my original ideas, vision and know-how can solve almost every problem, because nothing is perfect and even the current news is already out of date and can be improved.



Advantage those offers is contingency combinations and synergy any more each other coherent acitivities and their contemporaneous implementation at a blow, guaranteed it is i exclusiveness and confidentiality.

All these activities can be realized in relatively short time (according theirs costingness), during which time costs are only broken number that, what can be by this one acitivities carry off. The decision is purely for you. Possibility of one-off and long-term cooperation.


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